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  Whey Protein  
Whey protein has long been considered as the preferred choice of protein by athletes, bodybuilders, those watching their weight... practically everybody. Now, new Whey Protein utilizes the latest, protein filtration advancements, featuring a unique blend of not 1 but actually 2 types of whey, with added whey peptides. Whey Protein also features a complete supply of essential amino acids, including glutamine, and BCAA's (branch chain amino acids). Whey Protein is everything you want in a protein supplement; and more! Finally, a protein powder with a taste that is only surpassed by its' quality! Whey Protein is easy to use, because it tastes, well, absolutely gourmet!

Whey Protein provides the ideal ratio of Whey-Protein-Fractions in a highly concentrated Whey Protein Matrix coupled by an unsurpassed flavor that sets a new industry standard for performance and taste.Bottom line! Whey Protein gives you more anabolic bang for your protein buck! So what are you waiting for? You will finally feel, for yourself, what anabolism feels like. You're probably so accustomed to catabolism by now, that you don't know anything else. But once you get that catabolic monkey off your back and get on the "anabolic wagon", we promise you'll never fall off again.


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